Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book

Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book

Hello Railway Aspirant, as you all know that questions will be asked from General Science to prepare for Railway Group D, Loco Pilot and RPF Exam Exam. So today we have brought for you the book created by “Disha Publication”, the book named “Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book | Group D and RPF General Science Book “which we are sharing through Hindi medium. Students preparing for RRB, Group D, RPF exam must read the book given by us.

Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book

Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book

Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book, according to the given book, all of you students will get clearly the topic voice information, on the basis of which all the contesting students will know that we have to focus on which topic to get good scores. Read the Topics given below.

  1. Substance and its nature
  2. Atomic and nuclear structure
  3. Periodic classification of elements
  4. Conduct of gases
  5. Chemical Bonding and Chemical Reaction
  6. Oxidation reduction and degradation reduction
  7. Acid Bases and Salts
  8. Carbon and its compounds
    Radio activation
  9. metals
  10. Non-metals
  11. Billion
  12. Catalyst
  13. Poor
  14. Chemistry in Human Services
  15. Important Facts Miscellaneous

RPF General Science Book Download

After reading the above topic, you can easily download the Disha RRB Loco Pilot Book by clicking on the download button below.

  • Book Name :┬áRRB Loco Pilot, Group D and RPF Science Book
  • Language : Hindi
  • Total Pages : 36
  • Quality : Organic
  • Format : PDF
  • Size : 3.5 Mb
  • Credit By : Disha Publication



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