UPSC Mains Drishti IAS Essay Notes Download in Hindi

UPSC Mains Drishti IAS Essay Notes Download in Hindi

UPSC Mains Drishti IAS Essay Notes: We know that essay plays a very important role in the success of Civil Services Mains Examination. If you look at the marks of successful students and toppers of the previous year, then you will almost inevitably see the similarity among them that their essay marks-comparatively more than other question papers. Whether it is a candidate of any medium or for candidates of Hindi medium, the question paper of the essay is like a boon, because it does not harm them in comparison to the English medium. You know that English secondary school Hindi secondary school leads by 25 to 35 marks in General Studies due to factors with the help of high level text script, lyrical structure and examinations. Students of Hindi medium can read their gap only through essay.

UPSC Mains Drishti IAS Essay Notes

UPSC Mains Drishti IAS Essay Notes Download in Hindi

Writing essays is one of the most difficult challenges in students’ lives. The challenge of writing essays, whether at the school level or at the college level or competitive examination level, remains the challenge before the students, the question arises in the minds of many students why the essay is written. How can one evaluate their mental level personality by reading the essay, and if they can, how should they write a great essay.

What is UPSC Mains Essay?

First of all, let us try to understand what is essay as a genre, and how it is different from experience. The word “genre” may be new to you, it means literature, music or art. , Has special styles. For example, story, novel, drama, essay, article and review are examples of various genres. Before getting into any discipline, we have to get better, and understand the character properly. I am confident that if you have a good understanding of essay learning, then in the process of essay writing, you will be able to evaluate yourself continuously and be effective. Will be able to write an essay


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